Sunday, November 4, 2012

As Sandy Descends, Tips from Katrina Survivors

           It’s like those who feel the barometric pressure drop of approaching storm systems in their bones.  Hurricane veterans know when a bad one’s coming.  I got the vibe midweek.

            So I asked my friends on the Gulf Coast, hardy Katrina survivors, what advice they would share with those in Sandy’s path.  But I didn’t want the usual flashlight, batteries, water, generator, gasoline tips.  Tell them something they don’t know, I asked, that helped get you through. 

They didn’t disappoint. 

            -Outdoor solar lights can be brought in at night to light the indoors.

            -When you video your home for insurance purposes beforehand, open drawers and closets so the contents are visible.

            -Have a tire plug repair kit and pliers to pull out nails or screws, since debris in the roadway causes flats and leaks that are tough to repair when everything is closed.

            -Extend your cell phone battery by texting instead of calling and turning off internet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS connections.
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